Trying Out Book (and bookish) Subscriptions! Yay!


What’s better than a bookish blog project where I get tons of bookish things in the mail, like miracle nerd gifts that anigif_optimized-13839-1425286100-9appear on my doorstep? The answer is: nothing is better than this. This is my most brilliant endeavor ever!  haha

Book Box subscription project here I come! I’m stoked to bring this to the blog!

The thing to do nowadays is to have a subscription to the newest, trendiest box of your favorite type items. I personally love this idea. I used to have a subscription to Birchbox, which is a monthly beauty product sample box (cuz duh, i have an obsession with that sorta stuff, and I won’t get help for it). I was signed up for Birchbox for about a year until my sample collection started turning obscene and I decided that it wasn’t for me … for now (though, I hear ipsy is awesome!). I digress …

I started to read online that these subscription-type boxes existed in bookish-awesome-ness form and all i thought was “well, theres a box subscription this booknerd would never get sick of.” (I’m the booknerd). After doing some extensive internet research, I realized that there are tons of epic choices. Some boxes are book based, while some are just bookish item themed. I decided, since I can’t choose just one subscription (and let’s be honest, more than one subscription at once time would be kinda expensive), that I’m going to try out a book subscription box each month to see which one I adore most! I figured I can’t be the only one who is curious what each bookish box is about and is having a hard time choosing which to commit to. So, let’s see how this goes!

Here are some of the boxes I’m planning on trying:

  1. Owl Crate –  $29.99 – Monthly YA book subscription. Contains one YA book and 3-5 bookish items
  2. Bookworm Box – (I think $39. Currently the price isn’t listed because boxes are sold out this month) – This is the raved about book box for charity started by author, Colleen Hoover. Romance book box, 2 books (most of them signed by the author) with some bookish swag.
  3. Bookriot Quarterly Box – $50 – Quarterly bookish box with a bunch of awesome bookish stuff, sometimes including books
  4. Book(ish) Box –  Monthly bookish box containing a t-shirt and 3-5 bookish items
  5. Uppercase – $29.99 – YA monthly book subscription
  6. Fresh Fiction – $24.95 – Monthly books & ebooks, along with bookish swag, and specialized fresh fiction gift
  7. Bibliobox – $23.99 – 3-4 book inspired items. (I’m worried since their site was down when I went to see if I could place an order. Hopefully the site goes back up soon. If you want more info on this box [click here] )
  8. Lit-Cube –  $29.99 – Monthly box themed (this month I saw it was Supernatural!) with bookish items

Lot’s to choose from and I’m excited to try all of them out!
This project has begun TODAY! I placed my first order with OWLCRATE! I’m so excited because it e940a7aaec0b421e931a3b6877ded904seems a lot of avid book bloggers really like this box. I read all genres (mostly romance) but my second favorite genre is young adult. Also, I decided this would be my first book box b159c421-82a7-416d-8d2a-3f60fdea02dcsubscription because September’s theme is LEADING LADIES, and duh, in YA fiction this will be fricken epic, and I can’t wait to see what arrives!

Also, since I might get some books and/or items I might not have use for, I’ll be doing giveaways of stuff here on the blog!

NOW … all I have to do is wait for my book box to arrive …



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