So, here I am!

tumblr_lyzpu96xSn1qfsmupo1_500.gif.pagespeed.ce.Iq8vsFCr1WThis is the start of my book blog. I’m branching off into this world and really excited about it. Why did I not do this sooner? I’ve separated my identity to solely focus on all book (and life) madness here on the new blog without the pressure. I’m stoked on the possibilities. I just want to focus on the truth and breathe more life into an already vibrant literary world.

The first book I’ll be reviewing is Shuttergirl by CD Reiss. I have to admit, I love stories like this. I mean, I am a sucker for any Hollywood-type storylines, but I’m struggling to get through this one no matter how in love I am with these characters. That’s why I think this is my funk and not the authors. There’s a lot going on right now in my life that’s getting in the way of reading. Sometimes reading angst and constant mishaps can be jarring to my reading because it just might not be what my mind needs. That’s why my reading hurdle is a personal problem more than anything. I am eager to see how this book ends, though! Review to come!

Super excited for a couple book releasing this month!

  • papper-hearts-cover-400x60681rB7mb1qfLPaper Hearts by Claire Contreras

[click here to add to your Goodreads] Releasing September 10th

  • Dirty Wild Nights by Christina Lauren

[click here to preorder] Releasing: September 15th

anigif_enhanced-16007-1430438075-20Both books are part of two different series that I literally could not get enough of.

The Wild Seasons Series by Christina Lauren really shows off both of these authors writing. The first two books were colorful, engrossing, witty, and hot! I loved all the characters I encountered, which has me eager to read Book 3, Dirty Wild Nights. Gimme some Oliver & Lola please. I think Christina Lauren have grown so much as writers. I’ve always loved their books, but there’s just something about this series that has the romance reader in me going, “wow.”

Claire Contreras’s highly anticipated Paper Hearts is the book after her successful Kaleidoscope Hearts, which I devoured every heartfelt word of. The covers to these books are stunning, and she even has a novella that sits between both books, Torn Hearts, that’s free to download! [click here to download it!]. I can’t wait to get these characters stories.

September has a lot to offer this smitten reader (that’s me).

Are you excited for these books? What books are you the most eager to read?


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